SINTRONES Launched Dual 5G In-vehicle Computer VBOX-3611-4L-D5G for Modern Transit Infotainment


SINTRONES, a world-leading innovator in the global In‐Vehicle computing unveils its brand new VBOX-3611-4L-D5G In-Vehicle Computer. It is the first in-vehicle fanless computer with dual 5G network capability and dual SIM Card support. Customers can apply it to a mobile video, a network server with dual 5G aggregated network, or a redundant network for the mass transit infotainment (Information + Entertainment) market.

Overall data delivery over wireless networks are expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. The same trend applies to the transportation field. The challenge is that an unstable vehicle power source and an unstable signal strength both depend on the area. With SINTRONES VBOX-3611-4L-D5G solution, the data speed can be doubled to provide efficient data transmission for classic and new applications while in a moving vehicle. In addition, dual 5G mobile network configuration enables uninterrupted mobile network connection and avoids costly data roaming charges for transcontinental transports. For example, a train can move between Germany and France with German and French SIM cards installed. Passengers can luxuriate with quality entertainment during their commute.

Besides improving the passenger’s experience, SINTRONES VBOX-3611-4L-D5G solution overcomes the above-mentioned challenges for the vehicle’s operation such as fleet management and SMART train systems. With dual 5G modems and SIM cards installed, one can serve as a backup for unpredictable situations. Dual SIM design can be activated automatically based on the system setup configuration. The backup SIM card activates immediately as needed.

SINTRONES VBOX-3611-4L-D5G is powered by Intel Gen 6 Core i7-6600U CPU and features wide range 9~48V DC power inputs, smart vehicle power ignition, and adjustable power management. E13 and EN50155 certified power system design for a variety of vehicles can be adapted to an unstable vehicle power source with ease.

With the optional CAN Bus and GPS, Dead Reckoning provides interfaces for real time vehicle status monitoring and accurate location tracking. With the addition of unique and principal design Dual 5G Networks capability, VBOX-3611-4L-D5G fulfills applications’ needs of blazing fast mobile internet connection. Through aggregating networks and secondary 5G connection for redundancy, it bolsters productivity in modern transportation, smart production, logistics, manufacturing, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) sectors.




Intel Gen 6 Core i7-6600U CPU with 4 x GbE LAN On-Board Computer with Dual 5G Modem Capability


Key Features

Intel Core i7-6600U

Dual 5G w/ Dual SIM Design

9~48 VDC Wide Range Power Input w/ Smarter Vehicle Power Ignition for Vehicles

Dual Hot-swappable SATA Storage, RAID 0 / 1 / 5

Optional GPS, CAN Bus, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Available

E13 and EN 50155 Certified