EV Charging Station

Electric vehicle charging stations are facilities designed to provide charging services for electric vehicles. Since electric vehicles need a power supply when running, the purpose of the charging station is to provide convenient charging facilities to solve the energy demand of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle charging stations usually provide different types of charging equipment to meet different models and needs of electric vehicles. Electric vehicle charging stations are usually equipped with multiple charging points for multiple vehicles to be charged simultaneously. Some charging stations also provide other services, such as charging station location, payment system, charging station map, and online reservation, to facilitate electric vehicle owners to find and use charging facilities.

The construction and development of electric vehicle charging stations is one of the critical infrastructures to support the popularization of electric vehicles. With the expansion of the electric vehicle market and the continuous advancement of technology, the number and quality of charging stations are also constantly improving to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle charging. Building electric vehicle charging stations requires overcoming many challenges, including cost, technology, location, management, and user needs. However, as the EV market grows and the need for sustainable mobility increases, corresponding investments and efforts will help create a more widespread and accessible charging infrastructure.

Efficient & Reliable Charging Experience

With the global awareness of environmental protection and the rapid development of the electric vehicle market, electric vehicle charging infrastructure has become one of the most critical issues today.

SINTRONES and AUO have joined hands to develop advanced electric vehicle charging station solutions to meet people’s demand for sustainable mobility. Our electric vehicle charging station solution jointly developed by SINTRONES and AUO combines the two companies’ technological advantages and innovation capabilities. The solution is designed to provide a comprehensive, efficient, and reliable charging experience to meet the needs of different venues and users.

Rich Real-Time Life Information

SINTRONES Solution - EV Charging Station

The charging station has an intuitive web graphic management interface, providing users with a convenient operational experience. Users can view charging progress, status, and space availability information. In addition, the charging station can also display real-time news, traffic conditions, weather forecast, etc., providing more practical life information. AUO’s panels feature high-quality displays, reliability, and durability. Their ability to work in different environmental conditions, low power consumption, and high efficiency make them ideal for charging station solutions. The combination of AU Optronics’ panels and SINTRONES’ charging station solutions provide users with a comprehensive, efficient, and high-quality charging experience.

Multimedia Experience & Advertising Playback

Charging station information display: AUO’s panel can be used in charging station information display screens to provide charging-related information that users and car owners require. This information can include the status of charging stations, space availability, charging progress and charging status, etc. AUO’s panels have high brightness and clarity, and provide good visibility under different lighting conditions, ensuring users can easily view and understand charging information.

AUO’s panels can also be used in advertising charging stations, providing businesses with opportunities for display and promotion. Charging stations are often located in high-traffic areas and are popular venues. AUO’s panels can present advertising content with high-quality images and videos, attracting people’s attention and providing a valuable advertising platform. AUO’s panels can also be used to deliver multimedia experiences. While waiting for charging at the charging station, car owners and users can watch news, weather information, videos, and other entertainment content through the panel, providing a richer and more enjoyable charging experience.

Diverse Application Scenarios

The charging station solutions of SINTRONES and AUO are suitable for various application scenarios. You can choose the appropriate charging infrastructure, whether parking spaces on city streets, corporate and commercial premises, government agencies, highway rest stops, or logistics and electric fleets. Our solutions provide users with convenient charging facilities, promote the popularization of electric vehicles, and the development of sustainable transportation.

  • Retail, restaurant, commercial space: Provide charging facilities for commercial places so that customers and employees can charge their electric vehicles during shopping, dining, or work, and provide real-time promotion information and life information through the panel set on the charging pile.
  • Logistics, Electric Fleet: Provide charging facilities for logistics companies and electric fleets to ensure continuous operation of their vehicles and effective change management.
  • Industrial and commercial offices: provide charging facilities for industrial and commercial buildings, meet the changing needs of employees and customers, and support the use of electric vehicles in enterprises.
  • Government agencies: provide charging facilities for government agencies and public places and promote government departments’ electric vehicle promotion plans.
  • Urban and on-street parking: Install charging piles in urban parking lots and on-street parking spaces to facilitate citizens to charge while parking.
  • Expressway rest stops and charging service stations: Fast charging facilities are provided at expressway rest stops and charging service stations to facilitate electric vehicle owners who travel long distances.
  • Single-family homes and community buildings: Provide charging facilities for single homes or entire communities, where residents can conveniently charge their electric vehicles.

Intelligent Control & Remote Monitoring

The EV charging station solution offers car owners the ability to choose the most suitable charging method based on their needs and the vehicle’s charging interface. It incorporates intelligent control and remote monitoring features, allowing users to conveniently track charging progress and status in real time through mobile apps or online platforms. This system simplifies remote management, providing ease and convenience in monitoring the charging process.

The electric vehicle charging station solution jointly developed by SINTRONES and AUO combines the technical advantages of the two companies and comprehensively considers factors such as user needs, energy efficiency, and sustainability. This solution provides a comprehensive, efficient, reliable charging experience, focusing on safety protection and energy conservation. With the rapid development of the electric vehicle market, this solution will bring users more convenient, green, and sustainable travel options. The electric vehicle charging station solution jointly developed by SINTRONES and AUO combines advanced technologies such as charging infrastructure, solar power generation system, energy storage technology, and energy management system to provide a comprehensive, efficient, and reliable charging experience. This solution not only meets the charging needs of different places and needs but also pays attention to the user interface, information display, safety protection, etc., to provide convenient, safe, and reliable charging services. Whether it is city residents, corporate employees, or public transport operators, everyone can benefit from it and contribute to promoting the popularization of electric vehicles and sustainable energy development.