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Company Profile

Company History

Year Item
Mar-09 Establishment of the company, originally named Sintrones Electronics Co., Ltd., with a paid-up capital of NT$3,000,000.
Jul-10 Cash increase of NT$2,000,000, bringing the paid-up capital to NT$5,000,000.
Nov-11 Conversion of the company into a limited company.
Dec-11 Selected as the “2011 Windows Embedded Partner of the Year.”
Oct-12 Cash increase of NT$5,000,000, bringing the paid-up capital to NT$10,000,000.
Dec-12 Selected as the “2012 Windows Embedded Partner of the Year.”
Mar-13 Obtained new patent: M447854 – Built-in Battery Car Computer Device.
Mar-13 Obtained new patent: M448011 – Multilevel Heat Dissipation Device.
Nov-13 Announced EN50155 certification for the VBOX-3600 Embedded Computer.
Jul-14 Obtained new patent: M482200 – Display and Computer Composite Transmission Cable Structure.
Sep-14 Obtained ISO9001:2008 certification.
Sep-14 Announced IEC60945 maritime certification for the MBOX-6000 Embedded Computer.
Oct-15 Cash increase of NT$10,000,000, bringing the paid-up capital to NT$20,000,000.
Sep-16 Cash increase of NT$3,200,000, surplus capital increase of NT$46,800,000, and capital reserve increase of NT$10,000,000, bringing the paid-up capital to NT$80,000,000.
Aug-17 Cash increase of NT$1,650,000, surplus capital increase of NT$42,800,000, capital reserve increase of NT$3,200,000, and employee compensation increase of NT$350,000, bringing the paid-up capital to NT$128,000,000.
Jan-18 Cash increase of NT$8,000,000, bringing the paid-up capital to NT$136,000,000.
Mar-18 Public offering of stocks.
May-18 Listing on the OTC stock exchange.
Aug-18 Obtained new patent: M565941 – Fanless Computer Cooling Module for Traffic Vehicles.
Sep-18 Surplus capital increase of NT$13,600,000, bringing the paid-up capital to NT$149,600,000.
Sep-18 Selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the 5th Deng Bai Small and Medium Enterprises Elite Award.
Nov-18 Received International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) certification ISO/TS 22163.
Aug-19 Surplus capital increase of NT$7,480,000, bringing the paid-up capital to NT$157,080,000.
Sep-19 Cash increase of NT$17,920,000, bringing the paid-up capital to NT$175,000,000. Stock listed on the over-the-counter market.
Mar-20 Obtained new patent: M592609 – Ejection SIM Card Auto Activation Module.
Aug-20 Surplus capital increase of NT$10,500,000, bringing the paid-up capital to NT$185,500,000.
Sep-20 Obtained new patent: M601447 – Ejection Storage Device.
Nov-20 Received Ministry of Economic Affairs Small and Medium Enterprise Administration’s “Small Giant Award.”
Jul-22 Surplus capital increase of NT$551,800,000, bringing the paid-up capital to NT 191,018,000


Business Scope

Main Business Activities: In-vehicle computers, fanless GPU in-vehicle computer systems, industrial-grade embedded computers, and in-vehicle LCD displays.

Main Products and Services:

(1) In-vehicle computers

(2) Fanless GPU in-vehicle computer systems

(3) Industrial-grade embedded computers

(4) In-vehicle LCD displays


Planned Development of Products and Services:

(1)Developing corresponding in-vehicle computers tailored to different automotive market demands.

(2) Edge Intelligent Computing Computer.

(3) Developing fanless GPU in-vehicle computer systems with functionalities that cater to the demands of commercial autonomous vehicles.

(4) Support for Windows and Linux and Android operating systems.

(5) Customized OEM/ODM projects for new products.


Main Business and Introduction of Products and Services

In-Vehicle Computing Solution

SINTRONES Product Series


Company Organization and Management Team


Job Title Name Hold as
Chairman of the Board
General Manager
Kevin Hsu
Vice President of Quality Center and Production Division Gyingmin Chang Deputy Spokesperson
Director of Finance and Accounting Department Jane Chang Chief Financial Officer、
Corporate Governance Officer