Investor Relations

Policy and Principles
Policy and Principles

Organizational Operation Regulations and Important Regulatory Systems

No. Title Content
1 Corporate Governance Best Practices
2 Corporate Sustainable Development Best Practices
3 Integrity Operating Procedures and Code of Conduct
4 Code of Ethics
5 Articles of Incorporation
6 Rules of Shareholders’ Meetings
7 Rules of Board of Directors’ Meetings
8 Director Election Procedures
9 Acquisition and Disposal of Assets Handling Procedures
10 Endorsement and Guarantee Operations Procedures
11 Board of Directors Performance Evaluation Methods
12 Standard Operating Procedures for Addressing Requests from Directors
13 Insider Trading Prevention and Internal Material Information Handling Procedures
14 Operating Procedures for Lending Funds to Others
15 Remuneration Committee Organization Regulations
16 Independent Director Responsibilities and Scope of Duties Rules
17 Audit Committee Organization Regulations