Fleet Management

Smart Fleet Management

Fleet management plays a vital role in modern business operations. To effectively monitor fleet performance, improve management efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, SINTRONES provides a complete intelligent fleet management solution for various companies. Our solutions integrate vehicle power management, vehicle monitoring, and vehicle diagnostic systems to provide comprehensive fleet management and monitoring, resulting in improved operational efficiency and cost savings.


The products of SINTRONES are widely used in the fleet management system. These products include vehicle power management, monitoring, and diagnostic systems, providing complete solutions for fleet operators. The vehicle power management system is an intelligent system that can perform operations such as power ignition of the vehicle, vehicle locking and unlocking, remote start and shutdown, etc. This system is connected with the vehicle monitoring system and the vehicle diagnosis system through wireless communication technology to realize the comprehensive monitoring and diagnosis of the vehicle.


The products of SINTRONES have the characteristics of broad voltage input, backup battery solution, wireless communication technology and isolated power supply, serial ports, input, and output ports, etc., which can meet various needs of fleet management systems. These products can be applied to various vehicle management systems, such as passenger transport, logistics, taxi, logistics distribution, etc. SINTRONES’ products have been widely used in fleet management systems and achieved good results.

Improve Transportation Efficiency

Vehicle monitoring systems can monitor real-time information such as vehicle location, speed, route, and driving behavior, optimizing logistics systems and providing fleet operators with better decision-making. The vehicle diagnostic system can diagnose and maintain vehicles, including information such as fault codes and maintenance records. This system can help fleet operators better understand the status of vehicles and make timely repairs and maintenance, thereby improving vehicle reliability and fuel efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance

SINTRONES’ intelligent fleet management solution has predictive analysis capabilities, enabling companies to prevent vehicle failures in advance. Through the predictive analysis of the system, we can understand the vehicle maintenance situation and prevent the occurrence of component failures in advance. At the same time, our solution can also monitor driving behavior to prevent drivers from distracted or fatigued driving and reduce the incidence of vehicle accidents.

User-Friendly Interface

SINTRONES’ solution has a user-friendly management panel, enabling drivers and managers to obtain the vehicle and operation-related information instantly. This tablet can adjust the real-time relevant information displayed and maintain a connection with the fleet manager to realize the function of instant notification and warning.

Energy Usage Monitoring

SINTRONES’ intelligent fleet management solution monitors vehicles’ fuel utilization and emissions. We can track drivers’ behavior, such as speeding, rapid acceleration, sudden braking, etc., and provide instant warning and training to reduce the emission of harmful substances. Additionally, our solutions can monitor battery usage and enable immediate energy management when applied to electric vehicles.

Efficient Process Planning

Our solutions enable efficient process planning by analyzing vehicle and traffic data. When a vehicle accident occurs, the system can instantly send an alarm and contact the maintenance station. At the same time, our system can re-route driving based on weather alerts and road conditions to improve overall operational efficiency.

Automation Saves Time and Costs

SINTRONES’ intelligent fleet management solution has automation functions, which can save time and cost in the management process. Our unified management platform can automatically collect and organize extensive fleet data and automate various processes to improve work efficiency and accuracy.