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Stable and Reliable Automotive Computer

SINTRONES excels in understanding cutting-edge technology and applying it to enhance our customers’ operational efficiency and safety. Our in-vehicle computers operate reliably in extreme temperatures and environmental conditions, with a stable performance range of -40°C to 70°C. This enables our products to deliver uninterrupted service in the harshest conditions, be it scorching deserts or icy tundras. Our products are designed for shock resistance, wide voltage range, and backup power, making sure our products perform flawlessly in various challenging conditions.

Quality and reliability are paramount to SINTRONES. We select components from internationally renowned manufacturers, obtaining AEC-Q100 certification to meet automotive industry functional safety standards (ISO 26262). Our products undergo rigorous testing and verification to guarantee stability and reliability. With an exceptional R&D team dedicated to innovation and technological breakthroughs, we closely monitor industry trends and developments, constantly integrating the latest technologies to meet customer demands. Our expertise extends to power management, intelligent transportation, and digital dashboards, and we offer fast customized solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.

Collaboration with AUO in Pioneering In-vehicle Applications

We provide diverse solutions to our customers, offering robust support for applications ranging from smart buses and law enforcement vehicle technologies to autonomous shuttles. Partnering with AUO has allowed us to make breakthroughs in the automotive display market. Our leading position in automotive computing platforms and display technologies is evident in products such as smart driver cabins, intelligent dashboards, and HUD (Head-Up Display). Actively developing innovative products, we strive to meet future market demands. Our ongoing projects include advanced charging stations and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), demonstrating our deep commitment and pioneering vision in the field of intelligent transportation. We remain passionate about innovation and committed to quality, working closely with customers to understand their practical needs and provide optimal solutions. We firmly believe that this approach will maintain our leading position in a fiercely competitive market and create true value for our customers.

Connecting the World through V2X

In the future, SINTRONES aims to play a greater role in the globally connected car market, establishing partnerships with more intelligent transportation collaborators and becoming a vital cornerstone of the international smart transportation experience exchange platform. Our mission is to create smarter, safer, and more efficient transportation systems. While this is a significant challenge, we firmly believe that with our technological advantage, passion for innovation, and professional expertise, we will stay at the forefront of this field and co-create a new future with our partners.


Comprehensive Environment Adaptation Design

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