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ABOX-5100, ABOX-5100G1

SINTRONES Announces New ABOX-5100 series for AI GPU Computer

February 26, 2018

ABOX-5100, ABOX-5100G1

SINTRONES, a world-renowned provider of in-vehicle computing system, announced their new ABOX-5100 series for AI GPU Computer. It is the future of every industry and market because every enterprise needs intelligence. The New ABOX-5100 series can be potentially applied to various fields related to A.I. such as A.I. deep learning & virtual reality in data centers, in the cloud, and on devices which could drive the adoption of industrial automation, intelligent customer experiences, self-driving vehicles and intelligent transportation.

ABOX-5100 series are powered by new generation APU (APU=CPU+GPU) : AMD Ryzen, which will be able to support up to 4 CPU core, 8 threads and 4 display port 1.4, and has the option for AMD E9260 or Nvidia GTX-1050TI GPU follows Vega GPU Architecture. Three Full-size Mini-PCIe slots for internal expansion, one M.2 A-E Key 2230 for WiFi/GPS/4G LTE are also available.

Deep learning relies on GPU acceleration, new ABOX-5100 series delivers GPU acceleration with a small footprint and is fully operable in harsh environments, making it an ideal choice for industrial automation, transportation, and smart city applications. The new ABOX-5100 series could be applied to a scalable AI car platform that spans the entire range of autonomous driving. The ability of connecting computing systems to deep learning and affordable sensors have created the enhancement of autonomous machines - IoT with AI. Such power will enable a new wave of automation in various industries – Intelligent Transportation Systems, Intelligent Automation Systems and Smart Patrol for ANPR.

The new ABOX-5100 series offers wide input range offer 9-48VDC input with Intelligent Power Management that power on/off delay time setting by software as well as completely fan less design. The ABOX-5100 series also support MXM Version 3.1 Type A and PCIe x 8 interface. Operating temperature is -40 to +70°C, and storage temperature is -40 to +80°C.

Key Features:

  • AMD APU V1000 series V1807B 3.3G~3.65GHz
  • Optional for AMD E9260 or Nvidia GTX-1050TI GPU
  • 4 x DP build in + 4 x HDMI from the extensible GPU
  • 8 x GbE LAN (optional for 8 x PoE 802.3 af for IP Camera)
  • 4 x USB 3.0ports
  • 3 x Full size Mini-PCIe + 1 x M.2 A-E Key 2230 for WiFi/GPS/4G LTE
  • 9-48VDC input with Intelligent Power Management
  • Completely Fanless Design

For more information, please visit Sintrones website, products / embedded computing.