SINTRONES Joins Hands with Gorilla Technology Group to Create a New Future for Smart Cities


SINTRONES joins hands with Gorilla Technology Group to create a new future for smart cities_2024

“SINTRONES Technology Corp.” (TW stock code: 6680), a leading smart transportation in-vehicle computer system manufacturer, today announced that it will focus on providing image data analysis and network security technology solutions. Gorilla Technology Group (NASDAQ: GRRR) and SINTRONES Technology Corp. have reached a strategic partnership to jointly develop technologies and solutions related to in-vehicle artificial intelligence computing.

With the popularization of 5G technology and the upcoming 6G new era, the research and development of high-performance smart transportation systems will play a key role in developing new-generation mobile communications, especially upgrades in speed, bandwidth, and functions. Through this strategic cooperation, SINTRONES’ innovative in-vehicle computing technology is combined with Gorilla Technology’s comprehensive smart city management and smart image analysis platform to integrate the technical advantages of both parties to improve autonomous driving and efficient fleet management—applications and solutions to meet the market needs of the rapidly developing global smart cities.

Kevin Hsu, Chairman of SINTRONES, said: “We are taking a key revolutionary step towards the innovative development of in-vehicle computing in smart cities. SINTRONES has the world’s leading in-vehicle computing technology and is deeply involved in the field of smart transportation. Gorilla Technology is an AI Experts in image analysis and network security protection technology, we will work together to create breakthrough progress that will not only create huge value, but also shape the future pattern of smart city technology.”

Jay Chandan, Chairman and CEO of Gorilla Technology, said: “The global automotive computing market is expected to grow from US$565 million in 2023 to US$980 million in 2025. The cooperation between Gorilla Technology and SINTRONES will bring unparalleled benefits to the market.”

Features of the in-vehicle computing equipment included in this collaboration include:

  • Cost and performance optimization: Designed for high-performance and cost-effective smart image analysis and IoT signal correlation, with plug-and-play functionality.
  • Faster edge computing response: achieve low-latency real-time computing, control and response in vehicles.
  • Improve traffic and optimize traffic flow management: Improve driving efficiency through in-vehicle data collection and smart guidance.
  • Flexible AI detection deployment: Make up for the lack of data from fixed roadside detection equipment through dynamic configuration.



SINTRONES has passed the “ISO 9001 Quality Management System” certification and the “IRIS ISO/TS 22163 Railway Industry Standard” verification. SINTRONES is committed to providing customers with high-quality products that comply with international transportation standards. Certification projects include international certifications such as EN50121, EN50155, E-Mark, IEC60945, IACS E10, DNV and MIL-810. The professional development team consists of experienced engineers and technicians who are committed to researching various innovative technologies to meet the individual needs of customers. In the future, we will continue to work with partners to develop various application-related products and solutions, and actively participate in promoting the development of smart transportation technology. SINTRONES is committed to becoming a global leader in in-vehicle computer solutions.

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