Versatile and Rugged In-Vehicle Computer for Fleet Management in Harsh Environments


Versatile and Rugged In-Vehicle Computer for Fleet Management in Harsh Environments


A fleet management solution provider for vehicles operating in ski areas such as snow groomers, snowmobiles and excavators needed a rugged in-vehicle computer to operate its software solution to provide users full visibility of a vehicle fleet and its operations. The in-vehicle computer should facilitate vehicle to vehicle communication within the fleet, wireless connectivity, location tracking and CAN BUS protocol to collect data from within the vehicle and its surrounding environment and share this data with its operators.

SINTRONES versatile and rugged in-vehicle computer- the VBOX-3611 Series fulfilled the reliability and functionality requirements of this fleet management application. With the VBOX-3611 Series computer deployed on each vehicle with fleet management software installed, its operators can collect vehicle data, operation data and position data to increase productivity and optimize fleet operations.

Hardware Requirements

  • Integrated power management design to conduct delayed power turn on/off setting
  • GPS module to track the precise location of each vehicle
  • CAN BUS for communication of electronic control units (ECUs) within the vehicle, and data collection such as fuel consumption, engine status and idle times
  • LTE connectivity to transfer data to the control center for real-time monitoring


SINTRONES Launched VBOX-3611 Series for In‐Vehicle Computing Solutions


  • Integration of required modules in a single hardware platform to save installation space and time, and provide a streamlined functionality offering
  • Efficient power management design with 9V-48V DC wide range power input to protect the PC from damage caused by sudden power surges and losses
  • Patented built-in battery backup (No. M447854) for uninterrupted vehicle operations
  • Wide range operating temperature (-40 to 70°C ) for durability in harsh weather environments


Fleet management involves more than just tracking the location of vehicles in a fleet. Operators need full visibility of vehicle operations to maximize productivity and save costs to enhance overall business operations. SINTRONES in-vehicle computing solutions are highly flexible and built for multifunctional purposes – enabling the computer to support diverse workloads of the system it is deployed in. The VBOX-3611 Series can be deployed in various vehicle fleets such as law enforcement, logistics and public transport vehicles.

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