Thank you for visiting us at Automotive World 2023 in Tokyo !


Thank you for visiting us at Automotive World 2023 in Tokyo!

We thank guests from all sectors for visiting the SINTRONES’ new product section. The Advanced Auto Electronics Expo in Tokyo has concluded with great success.

The exhibition occurred from September 13 to September 15 in Tokyo, Japan. This event combined the finest automotive technology, drawing numerous manufacturers and primary suppliers. We are honored to engage and connect with you all through this exhibition. Over 200 client groups visited the SINTRONES booth in just three days, and we expressed our heartfelt thanks for this turnout. Your enthusiastic support and participation have always been our driving force.

Our strategic partnership with AUO Display Plus has enabled us to make significant strides in the intelligent transportation system sector. At this expo, we proudly showcased solutions developed in collaboration with AUO Display Plus, such as the “Smart Driving Cockpit” and the “HMI Bundle Solution for Electric Vehicle Charging Pile.” These demonstrate the vast potential of HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology and provide clients with cutting-edge vehicular network solutions and leading on-board display technology through our partnership in the AI for Vehicles (AloV) sector. In conjunction with our esteemed partners, we endeavor to address the diverse needs of road transport, offering an all-in-one best solution.

Founded in 2009, SINTRONES has accumulated over 14 years of R&D and manufacturing experience, successfully venturing into the Japanese and Western markets. Our products comply with certifications like E-Mark and EN 50155, delivering outstanding solutions for our customers. We believe that we can better understand our clients’ needs through interactions at the exhibition. Moving forward, we will continue integrating sales, R&D, product planning, and marketing resources to offer high-quality customized services and consistently excellent products to maximize value for our clients.

We thank you once again for visiting and participating in our booth. We eagerly anticipate further opportunities for collaboration in the future, jointly shaping the future of intelligent transportation.