SINTRONES Launched Outdoor Fanless PC SBOX-2620 with Camera Inputs


SINTRONES, a leading designer and facilitator in global embedded computing, is proud to announce the new SBOX-2620-V4 and SBOX-2620-V8 Fanless Box PCs. This slim and cutting-edge designed box pc is perfect for outdoor video surveillance and digital signage. For example, it could be part of the remote video surveillance system to view the outdoor condition through cameras that are connected to this Box PC and monitor remotely on mobile devices. Also, another example could be outdoor digital signage applied for the digital menu boards in the drive-thru.

The new SBOX-2620-V Series is also the best choice for interactive kiosks. The embedded box system comes with 4th Generation Intel® Celeron® and Core i3/i5/i7 CPU. To add reliability to the video surveillance system, the SBOX-2620-V series is equipped with devices supporting video inputs, significantly enhancing the compatibility of surveillance cameras and PC systems. The SBOX-2620-V4 supports four cameras, and the SBOX-2620-V8 can connect eight cameras simultaneously.

Other great features of the SBOX-2620-V series make this outdoor fanless box system the best solution for industrial use under various circumstances. The SBOX-2620-V series not only provides outstanding performance with a wide range of operating temperatures within -30~60°C, it also supports a wide range of Power Inputs within DC 9-36V. In addition to its wide working temperature and wide current power input, this new outdoor box PC system also has Triple Display Output with DVI-I and HDMI®, which facilitates three on-screen displays simultaneously. The SBOX-2620-V4 and SBOX-2620-V8 are designed to tackle all manner of outdoor digital applications and extreme weather conditions.