AUO to Strengthen Smart Transportation Deployment by Partnering with SINTRONES and Becoming Its Shareholder



The development of 5G, big data, IoT, and artificial intelligence has driven the world’s innovation and prompted displays and intelligent applications to evolve, with the transportation sector also greatly influenced continuously. AU Optronics Corp. (“AUO”) (TWSE: 2409) today obtained around 7.7% shares of SINTRONES Technology Corp. (“SINTRONES”) (TPEx: 6680) from a major shareholder through block trading. The two parties hope to establish a strategic partnership for the AIoV ecosystem and develop comprehensive solutions for intelligent transportation and commercial vehicle networking platforms by acquiring shares and forging an alliance.

As a leading manufacturer of intelligent automotive displays, AUO provides rugged and flexible public information displays, center consoles, and dashboard products for land, sea, and air vehicles and hubs, and boasts a huge customer base worldwide. AUO’s AIoV solutions for commercial vehicle networking from cloud to ground, software to hardware, and AI to vertical applications are expected to meet the needs of commercial fleet operation management. In particular, AUO has developed fleet and vehicle condition management and driving monitoring systems to help transportation service managers get the whole picture and maintain real-time control of the fleet operation. SINTRONES is one of the significant manufacturers of in-vehicle computers in Taiwan. In terms of commercial vehicles and intelligent transportation, it has demonstrated competitiveness with its market-leading smart transportation and in-vehicle computer technologies and solutions. SINTRONES has become a crucial partner to AUO by assisting in bridging innovative transportation display solutions and commercial vehicle networking platforms. With this strategic partnership between AUO and SINTRONES in place, complementary advantages will be brought to full play to meet customers’ upgrade requirements in the intelligent transportation field, delivering complete solutions.

Looking into the future, the demand for self-driving cars, IoV, and commercial fleet management will flourish with infinite prospects. AUO will provide cutting-edge vehicle display technologies and commercial vehicle networking solutions and work hand in hand with ecosystem partners to meet the application demands across diverse bright transportation fields.