Innovative EVSE Applications to be Unveiled by SINTRONES in Partnership with Daqing at the 2023 Taipei International Electronics Show


From October 25th to 27th, SINTRONES will team up with AUO Display Plus at the Nangang Exhibition Hall during the Taipei International Electronics Show (TAITRONICS). Together, they will showcase their collaborative achievements in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), presenting comprehensive solutions for the intelligent transportation ecosystem. This collaboration exemplifies the strategic partnership between both companies.

At the upcoming TAITRONICS exhibition, the companies will exhibit their cooperative milestones, including SINTRONES’ SBOX-2622 industrial computer paired with AUO Display Plus’ 15.6 inch High Brightness Open Frame and the SBOX-2320 industrial computer featuring AUO Display Plus’ 55 inch High Brightness Open Frame. These exhibits highlight innovative EVSE applications and underscore the limitless possibilities of human-machine interfaces.

Having been established for over a decade, SINTRONES specializes in intelligent transportation and in-vehicle computing. Their products have gained traction in major markets like Europe and North America, acquiring numerous international certifications, such as EN50155 and E-Mark. Their vehicle computers feature broad temperature and voltage ranges, fanless designs, and superior heat dissipation capabilities. They also support up to 200-watt GPUs, offering bespoke solutions for intelligent transportation and advanced autonomous vehicles.

Facing the emerging trends of AI, smart manufacturing, and intelligent transportation, SINTRONES and its strategic partners are actively developing solutions and integrated package designs. They have a holistic approach to the connected vehicle market, emphasizing applications in 5G and the intelligent transportation domain, paving the way for future smart cities.

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    SINTRONES is a Taiwanese in-vehicle computer solution provider founded in 2009. The company specializes in the research, design, and production of in-vehicle computer systems tailored to meet the demands of global markets. SINTRONES’ products are extensively used in areas such as autonomous driving, fleet management, in-vehicle entertainment, and intelligent transportation.
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