SINTRONES Enables a Leading European Rolling Stock Manufacturer to Enhance the Quality of its Trains


SINTRONES Enables a Leading European Rolling Stock Manufacturer to Enhance the Quality of its Trains

When looking to upgrade its on-board computers, Polish railway rolling stock manufacturer PESA Bydgoszcz SA turned to in-vehicle computing pioneer SINTRONES and channel partner Ledatel for local support.

With years of engineering and product design experience under its belt, SINTRONES is renowned for its ability to create tailored made on-board computing systems that meet the customers’ technical requirements.

Multifunction System Requirements

As an ever-advancing rolling stock manufacturer, PESA was looking to upgrade its on-board computers in order to enhance the quality and customer experience of its rolling stock. PESA had a diverse set of system requirements for the solution it was looking to implement.

ssential interfaces and capabilities included isolated digital I/O design to protect against environmental noise and transient signals, and to ensure system reliability, and on-board network video recorder (NVR) functionality that could provide real-time recording, analysis and tracking.

PESA therefore required a system with a rugged design, wide operating temperature, wireless capabilities, power over Ethernet (PoE) connections and RAID technology to protect against data loss.

The Polish train manufacturer also wanted the computer to be able to connect with a WiFi router in order to provide a reliable on-board internet service to passengers, in addition to functioning as an on-board display control system.

SINTRONES Offers a Custom-Built Solution

SINTRONES began the project with its channel partner Ledatel three years ago, and communicated closely with PESA to develop a customized solution that meets the manufacturer’s needs.

The SINTRONES VBOX solution, a railway-certified on-board computer, integrates multiple features into one unit, saving cost, space and physical wiring overheads, and streamlines compatibility issues and maintenance efforts across different devices.

The design process kicked off with the standard model VBOX-3600, which was then customized to provide isolated digital I/O. From here SINTRONES’ experts designed a custom-made, next generation unit that would meet PESA’s exact requirements.

“Our dedicated team of in-field experts communicated closely with the customer to clearly understand the must-have product features and key solution requirements. We believe that this is one of the most important steps of the collaboration to ensure that the custom solution fully meets the expectations of the customer,” says May Lee, Business Development Manager of SINTRONES Technology Corp.

The final product, the SINTRONES VBOX-3620 offered PESA: A variety of isolated digital inputs and outputs, used to control devices such as cabin lighting, air conditioning, door sensors and smoke detectors. Three Gb ethernet ports with M12X connectors – a requirement for the rail sector, a power-over-ethernet switch connected to the ethernet port, plus several IP camera connections so the system can function as an NVR. Three physical storage options – one SATA DiskOnModule (DOM) sits securely within the VBOX for the main operating system and software, while two 2.5″ bays are available for solid state disk or hard disk drives to store video data. These support RAID 0,1 and 5 to prevent data loss. Connection to WiFi routers in order to provide on-board Wi-Fi connectivity for passengers Functionality as a passenger information system, with the VBOX connecting to the train signage display. Mass production of the VBOX-3620 is now underway, and PESA have ordered over 1,000 units for their new trains with full delivery expected this year. To find out more about Sintrones and how its customized solutions can meet your rolling stock’s needs, please visit or email